Are you caring for a senior whose abilities seem to be changing?

As a loving and devoted caregiver or family member of someone living with dementia, it is important to know when it’s time to seek professional care or look for a senior care community.

Being a 30+ year senior care veteran, Teepa Snow offers the honest, no-nonsense insights needed to make the right choice. Learn how to recognize the tell-tale signs when it might be time to transition to another level of care, and get her time-tested communication tips to reduce the chance of conflict when it’s time to talk about this with the person living with dementia and other members of the family.

After watching this program you will know

  • Determine the best level of care and the level of skill required of the staff
  • How to set up a smooth transition
  • Understand what likes and dislikes are important to know about the person living with dementia
  • How to utilize the “four Fs” & “four Ss” to ensure your loved ones needs are being met

Run Time: Approx. 140 minutes