You might not think that your loved one with dementia will need to go to the hospital. But unfortunately, most people with dementia will require even multiple stays as the disease progresses. Not because of the dementia, but because of an increase in falls, hip fractures, pneumonia and other conditions or injuries.

Dementia is rarely the primary diagnosis in a hospital, but offers special challenges that can significantly affect a patient’s stay and treatment outcome.

Learn with Teepa Snow why being prepared is key to advocating for your loved one when he or she no longer can.

Learn with Teepa Snow
– Why hospitals are the most dangerous place for people with dementia, and how you can positively impact the outcome of your loved one’s stay
– Which possible problems may arise, and how to overcome them
– How to ask the right questions and make the best choices when speaking to medical staff
– Which drugs are commonly prescribed in hospitals that can have severe side effects for your person with dementia
– How to detect pain and find comforting solutions
– Which items to discuss with family members and how to work as a team throughout this journey

Run Time: 154 minutes