Are you unsure which care level to choose?

How can you tell if the current care your person receives isn’t sufficient anymore?

There are many different senior care options available, and unless you have worked in the field you are likely to be unsure which choice would be best.

Join Teepa and Linn in this 2.5-hour workshop and discover how to choose a care environment that keeps your loved one engaged, safe, and matches their abilities and interests.

After watching this program you will know

  • Which 3 factors are the pillars of a supportive care environment
  • Why and how to consider your loved one’s personality traits when evaluating care levels
  • How to utilize the “Four Fs” & “Four Ss” to ensure your loved one’s needs are being met
  • Which financial and medical considerations are crucial for long-term success
  • Which different care approaches need to be considered

Run Time: Approx. 147 minutes