A dementia diagnosis does not mean that one’s ability to enjoy life disappears in a flash. However, as the disease progresses and abilities decline, sustaining a high quality of life can be challenging for both the person living with dementia as well as the care partner (or provider). Offering support and providing care can rob both parties of what is needed to find pleasure, meaning, and value in living well as a partnership.

As a 30+ year senior care veteran, Teepa Snow offers the practical tips and insights you can use to make a difference. Your choices can help you both continue to enjoy a purposeful, rewarding life.



After watching this program you will know:

  • How to continue meeting each other’s needs and preferences
  • How to navigate the grieving process
  • How to best handle changing abilities
  • How to use what they have left
  • How to tailor activities to match their skill level

Run Time: Approx. 152 minutes