About Our Institute

Pines of Sarasota Education & Training Institute is the educational department within not-for-profit Pines of Sarasota Rehabilitation & Senior Care Community.
We are recognized internationally as a cutting edge training center for professional and at-home caregivers, focusing on a diverse set of senior care concerns, from caregiving for dementia or Parkinson’s disease and aging disabilities to end of life issues.

How We Can Help You

We firmly believe that providing caregivers with highly usable, effective hands-on techniques is the key to improving lives – of dementia or Parkinson’s disease patients and caregivers alike. Allowing you to achieve the results you want, whether it’s having your staff learn how to improve their residents’ lives with “Positive Approach to Care” methods, or helping your students excel in their future healthcare careers, is our true mission.

Easy Access for Your Team or Group

Whether you have a group of 25 or 500, we can accommodate your needs. Each of your students or staff members will receive an account of their own, from which they can access the programs you assign them 24/7. As a “Group Leader,” maybe you or a chosen member of your team, will be able to access and monitor each group members’ progress. Many of our programs come with tests, reinforcing the skills and information they just learned.